About Us

Of course, you're as curious about us as we are about you. And you should be! We're more than happy to brag just a bit about us.

The heart of KJ's Kerry's is just that - heart! We breed what we love and we love what we breed. With many years of experience, KJ's reputation for breeding excellence is surpassed only by our passion for perfection and our devotion to maintaining the integrity of this wonderful breed.

Kerry Blue Terriers are indeed our passion and we are relentless in our research of pedigrees and bloodlines; ensuring each new generation the best health, structure, temperament, and of course, the best possible qualities for the show ring. Our discerning talent for matching our pups to their equally discerning owners ensures that these loyal companions are blessed with the wonderful life they deserve!

We look forward to having the opportunity to meet you and show you around our ranch. We think you'll like what you see, learn a little more about the Kerry Blue, and become just a bit more smitten than you already are...